BJP got "Triple Talaq" in Rajasthan" – Salman Nizami


Congress leader Salman Nizami said BJP has got Triple Talaq in Rajasthan Polls. Nizami tweeted mocking BJP
Triple Talaq bill passed in Rajasthan!
BJP in Ajmer: Talaq
BJP in Alwar : Talaq
BJP in Mandalgarh: Talaq

In next tweet Nizami wrote

Congress victory in by-polls is historic. I congratulate Shri Sachin Pilot & all karyakartas of Rajasthan unit. I thank people of Alwar, Mandaal, Ajmer for reposing their faith in @INCIndia. Result also reflects the mood in Rajasthan & trust in RG’s leadership. Future belongs to those who work for the people on ground. Today’s victory for INC is a testament to the blood, sweat and humility of Congress workers on grassroots. Together we will defeat the forces of communalism and hate.
It is to be known that the by-election was held in Rajasthan, two Lok Sabha seats and one assembly. In all three places Congress got a big victory and grabbed these seats from the BJP

  • In the Alwar Lok Sabha seat, Dr. Karan Singh Yadav of Congress defeated BJP candidate Dr. Jaswant Singh Yadav with a difference of 196496 votes.
  • In Ajmer Lok Sabha seat Congress Candidate Raghu Sharma defeated BJP’s Ramswarup Lamba by a margin of 84414 votes.
  • Congress Candidate Vivek Dhakad defeated BJP’s Shakti Singh Hada by a margin of 12976 votes in the by-elections in the Mandalgarh assembly seat.

This by-election in Rajasthan, where a wave of happiness has raged in the camp of the Congress, the path for the BJP is not being seen as before. It is known that in 2018 there are assembly elections in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. BJP is in power in all three states. At the same time, the Congress seems to be working hard to return to the three states.