Women’s Commission Volunteer Beaten, Paraded Naked


A woman, who helped the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) and Police to spot an illegal liquor racket in Narela, Delhi was allegedly beaten, her clothes were torn by the goons of liquor mafia and paraded naked in the streets of the locality.
“The entire incident was filmed and the video was allegedly shared in the area by criminals. The incident proves lawlessness and zeroes fear of law in the area and it is shocking that police did not take any action to protect this” DCW chief Swati Maliwal said.
A day before the incident woman announced publicly the premises of illegal liquor shop and other drugs related things. The woman appealed to DCW to arrest these people. By the following same DCW detained a woman regarding the same.
After arresting that woman, some goons associated with illegal activities attack woman volunteer and beaten her badly and torn her cloth and strolled her naked in the locality. The woman released a video after this shameful act and in which woman is mourning and beseeching for the woman safety. She said “My life is saved but my reverence is decimated”
These culprits also threatened DCW chief Swati Maliwal and said the same scenario would be done with her. On commenting on this Swati replied by the tweet “Exactly! Naked me and throw on the road. The system is very useless so that can happen. I don’t have fear. But this silence can bother. Why did culprit not arrest, yet?  Why is police so helpless? Why the system is afraid when women come forward? Why voice of there is stifled?”
After this incident twitter flooded with the coverage and Delhi Police has taken on the target and criticize Police system badly. Many Delhi leaders came forward for the support and demand high authority action. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal also looked active on Twitter and supported by retweeting tweets of many.