The Coronation of Rahul Gandhi as Congress President


Today Rahul Gandhi officially appointed as Congress president in a ceremony at the party’s headquarters in New Delhi. His mother Sonia Gandhi handover him chair of President. Sonia Gandhi served at this position for 19 years.
Celebration started early at the office, where many traditions were followed by drumbeats and folk dancers from different states. Many volunteers welcomed him by hording of the party, flags and banners.
Rahul Gandhi is the sixth member of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty to helm the congress. Before him Motilal Nehru, Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi lead the congress.
He rendered an acceptance speech after his mother farewell speech. In farewell Sonia Gandhi expressed her gratitude to the nation and reminisce her mother-in-law Indira Gandhi in emotional way.
In his acceptance speech Rahul took jibe on PM Modi and said “Congress took India to 21st century , but the PM Modi is taking back us to medieval times.”
“I promise to make the Congress a grand old-and young party” he told workers, switching between English and Hindi, text and extempore.

Courtesy: ANI

What did he say in his speech?

  • Congress took India to 21st century, but the PM, today, is taking us back to the medieval times
  • We are now being compelled to imagine that businesses can be built without harmony that only one man himself is the voice of reason. Expertise, experience and knowledge can be cast aside for personal glory
  • You have an example in front of you, once fire breaks out it is difficult to douse it, that is what we are telling the people of BJP, that if you set the nation on fire it will be difficult to control. Today BJP has spread the fire of violence across the country
  • And if there is anyone who can stop what the BJP is doing, it is the ‘pyara karyakarta & neta’ of Congress. We are going to make Congress, grand old and young party. We will fight the politics of anger
  • We consider the BJP as our brothers & sisters, but we do not agree with them. They (BJP) crush voices but we allow them to speak, they defame we respect & defend
  • It is with deepest humility, that I accept this position (of Congress President) knowing that I will always be walking in the shadow of giants
  • Congress is an ancient idea. BJP would have you believe they are oldest idea in the universe, as usual this is not the truth. In India, there are 2 ideas that have clashed, idea of self vs the other. BJP are soldiers fighting for self. Congress guided by service of community