Modi Era is Over.. ?

Rejoice friends! I am putting my credibility of 27 years in journalism at stake here! I stand by my prediction that Congress is getting 59-63 seats in the first phase of Gujarat elections.
Hardik Patel is swearing by similar figures–he puts Congress between 55-65 seats in the first phase.
You will not believe what happened in Gujarat on 9th December. To put it simply, it was a peasant-youth-patidar uprising.
EVM manipulation by BJP is a fact. But not through hacking. What happens is that supporters of BJP flood a booth. Then THEY spread the message that ‘whichever button you press, vote goes to Lotus’!
They create an atmosphere wherein complaints etc become redundant. They choose booths carefully, and strike where BJP is strong in cadre terms. Most polling agents of opposition parties are either brought over–or chased out. If the opposition creates a ruckus, EC officials come and declare ‘technically, the EVM machine is fine’. And most of the time, it is fine! But, by declaring so, EC officials put their stamp on something else that is not fine–namely, the ‘modern way’, without overt goon power, in which election booths have been captured by RSS-BJP–MAINLY THROUGH INFILTRATION!
You want to know how BJP got 325 seats in UP? Well–through infiltration of polling officers and crucially, opposition polling agents.
BJP’s ‘invincible booth management’ is nothing but guile! But Gujarat was keyed in this time by the Congress. The party took extra care to select and monitor booth level management from the top. Booth level workers were changed frequently to block infiltration.
But, despite this, on 9th December, Congress was unable to assemble its methodology on many seats–mainly due to lack of resources.
You have to understand that Congress is fighting Gujarat elections like a ‘Sanatani Communist Party’! Let alone industrialists, no big traders or small scale industrialists are coming forward with help. Modi has scared 99% of people who wanted to contribute to Congress. So, whatever arrives is through the Central Fund.
The candidates themselves mobilise funds politically–through reaching target groups that are most likely to defeat BJP. In this manner, in the old classic, communist party way, fund collection drive doubles as political outreach and propaganda also; Congress cadres get access to people to listen to their grievances, the issues–and establish a personal relationship with the voters.
Rahul Gandhi’s visit to temples having already broken the Gordian Knot among even indoctrinated voters, this personal touch, and the fact that the voter has already invested anything between Rs.100-1000 in the campaign, turns someone who has never voted for Congress, but is dissatisfied with the BJP, into a booth level worker!
This miraculous transformation comes handy on the polling day, when BJP busts the ‘officially’ nominated booth committee. An alternative, unofficial ‘voters committee’ is ready to take over…
Yes, I have helped by imparting my experiences of getting votes in extreme resource-crunch situations. We faced similar situation in UP universities in the 80s and 90s–and yet, the Left won election after election, outdoing rivals who were spending lakhs.
We always made sure that voting itself becomes a peoples movement. In Gujarat, on 9th December 2017, there was a youth upsurge supported by the peasantry. In Rajkot, Porbandar, Somnath Giri, Bhavnagar, Morbi, Amreli, Dwarika, Surendranagar and Jungadh–areas falling under Saurashtra where 1857 impulse went on till 1860s–Patidar youths, backed often by Patidar AND non-Patidar, chiefly, OBC, farmers, counter-infiltrated booths.
BJP muscle power also relies on chicanery and communalism–it is unlike the muscle power of Lalu. BJP can never have a fighting cadre. Traditionally, in Gujarat, BJP has outsourced muscle power to Patidars. But with Patidars turning against Modi, this feature in obviously missing.
Congress has to get 50 out 93 seats in 2nd phase. That’s just about all…MODI ERA IS OVER…