Opinion – It's a tragedy India is facing, that it's own PM led this mayhem from the front


You lied, you fibbed, you misquoted history, you started unnecessary controversies about dead leaders, you called on the name of Rama and Hanuman, you had the audacity to ask for votes in the name of Hinduism just because the ECI chose to turn a blind eye to all your bigotry.
Then your pet Governor flouted all rules and disregarded the mandate the voter gave. Your governor handed you 15 days on a platter to buy, threaten and coerce support for yourself. He opened the gate for donkey-trading (you thought these MLAs were asses to be bought and sold in the market).
You used all the might of the State to remove police protection from the resort where MLAs were hiding from your wrath. You stopped them from flying out. You made the MLAs run from one state to another, away from their families and homes just so that you could break into their ranks.
Your pet Governor appointed a loyal Protem Speaker so that he could help you twist and bend the mandate within the house, away from the eyes of the citizens.
When all else failed, you stooped down to using families for blackmailing people to support you.
And now after all this, do you claim Moral victory? You wouldn’t know morality if it fell on your head from heaven. You have been totally disrobed. Even a fig leaf is not left to cover you. This episode will go down in the history of India as one of its darkest chapters. Generations after us will quote these 4 days as a period when the world’s largest democracy almost fell over into the abyss of anarchy.
If the Emergency is still quoted, you can rest assured nobody will forget this time as well. And it’s a tragedy India is facing, that it’s own PM led this mayhem from the front.