Mother's Battle against Saffron System


Today Monday 16th Oct was very important for Najeeb’s Ammi. After 30 Hrs long protest at CBI headquarters and verbal request and assurance by CBI DIG Mr. Daljeet Singh all were very hopeful for today’s hearing in Delhi High Court no 33. Around 11:00 am hearing of the case started and CBI’s Lawyer submitted the same report as earlier. It came as a shock to everyone present in court room including Judges.
Hon’ble Judge got anguished and said it seems that CBI has no intentions to solve this case on which lawyer said DIG himself is looking after the investigations Judge said this is the state of case when DIG is in command what would have happened to case if He was not in-charge. Hon’ble court asked about the call records, Lie detection test and Whats app messages records of 9 suspected ABVP members. To which CBI has asked for 6 weeks time but court gave them 4 weeks times and ordered for DIG to be present in court on next Hearing date of 14th Nov.
Hon’ble court was very strict in its words and showed its dissatisfaction with CBI. One very strange thing i have noticed that in court today that wherever Najeeb’s family went in court premises few police men followed them even to parking lot, Canteen, Pass making area, Court Room it seemed like they are some deadly criminals and they are chasing Najeeb’s Mother’s each and every activity.
After a while Najeeb mother and few of Najeeb friends came out of High court premises and some media persons were waiting for her to take her interview about court’s proceedings by that time some more students reached the spot and after listening to her statement about CBI inaction they started raising slogans against CBI suddenly lots of Police force came and surrounded them and their head SHO Naresh Solanki started shouting and asked them to leave from there immediately Najeeb’s mother said Her son is missing since one year and CBI is doing nothing on this he said “He is not the only one missing in Delhi” it was very absurd comment to a mother who was going door to door agency to agency in hope of finding her son.

Barbaric move by Delhi police on Najee’s mother

He was requested to allow students to stand there and give us some Media bite but he was very rude and aggressive and started pushing them towards the footpath and asked them to stand there and do the protest but his approach was very arrogant and language was very rough and was continually shouting at students and family. This is when students started raising slogans against Delhi Police. He said that he will not allow to stand there and instructed his team to arrest all.
We cooperated with police and sat in Police bus media people were talking to family and friends again this SHO came in and asked media not to talk or make video of anything. After bus took away students to Barakhamba Police station Najeeb’s Ammi was standing on a footpath with one other girl student called Geeta Police approached her and told Ammi that they are arresting her she asked for what they said because she was protesting at Delhi High court when she was not and she refused to go and they started pulling her and thrashed her and dumped her in police van forcefully.
This was very disheartening and disturbing to see a helpless mother getting this pathetic treatment from Police her only demand is to find her missing son. Its hard to understand why Police is been always so harsh to her. Police could have handle this situation in much better way. Things are being made ugly and it seems that Police is trying to give a message to people who are standing with Najeeb family.
After this episode there is a huge anguish among all and this struggle for Justice for Najeeb will get stronger and bigger.

Najeeb’s Mother Fatima

Najeeb’s disappearance is not just related to one Muslim student missing from JNU. It will be an utter ignorance if this issue is seen just as one individual case in fact it is much bigger and serious issue. It’s a silent message to every student of the country.
Actually its a pattern which being followed by Right wing since 2014 as an attempt to do a saffornisation of academic institutions across the country. As JNU has always known for its freedom of thoughts and speech and voice of dissent it has always been on the hit list of Right wing. First failed attempted was made in last feb when doctored videos and media trial was done of many JNU students and tried to labelled entire JNU as Anti National. Beating up a new student and his disappearance very next day was nothing but another attempt to convey message if students will not fall in line they will get beaten up mercilessly and accused will get away with that easily.
To stand with Najeeb is also very important to save the democracy in India and to save the education institutes from getting painted in Saffron. This situation must scare everyone who wants to see our Universities as place for new and bright ideas if Najeeb is denied the Justice then it would be a huge victory for the people who think they can do anything to force impose their ideologue.
Since 2014 it became easier for Right wingers to spread their terror in country as entire system is available at their dispose as we all have witnessed in the case of Kanahiya Kumar and Umar Khalid and now Najeeb, even JNU students who stood for Justice were troubled by University administration fro example Mohit Pandey who was President of JNUSU then was fined for Rs. Twenty Thousand for protesting near VC office for Najeeb when he refused to pay fine his registration was canceled by VC. In last one year Najeeb case went to Police then to SIT then to Crime Branch and finally to CBI and none of them interrogate the 9 suspects named by Najeeb’s mother and more than 20 witnesses.
Two times protest has happened at CBI headquarters recently hundreds of students spent night on road outside CBI office. DIG Mr. Daljeet Singh also met the protestors but Investigation has not moved even a inch. CBI got scolded by High Court twice but they ain’t moving a bit also just making lame excuses.
This entire episode shows how pressurized these investigating agencies are. Last but not least to mention here the role of main stream Media when it was about Kanahiya and Umar they all went firing from all corners and didn’t leave any stone unturned to make them anti national and what not was said and showed by many government’s boot lickers.
How many channels showed Najeeb story how many debates conducted for Najeeb and Whoever showed Najeeb in news be it electronic or print they tried to defame him by suspecting him joining ISIS. This is much bigger and serious issue then it seems. If one look at it in broader aspect then you can see JNU administration, Delhi Police, CBI and Media all are working on a single line which makes it very clear that Struggle for Justice for Najeeb will be very tough and very long.
Only solution to counter this situation is to make people aware of what’s happening in Universities how future of our treasured educational institutes are in danger. People will have to wake up and take on streets to protest against Saffronisation.
Your Brother
Khalid Saifi