Hats off to this Police constable. Because of his individual effort Eight lives saved


Saving life of someone from the disaster as like the gives rebirth to that person or can say saving life of someone is the peak of humanity deed in the universe.
Such a great humanity deed has done by a Mumbai police constable Sudarshan Shinde who was patrolling in the vicinity of Kamla mills.
According to the police source Mr. Shinde saved eight life from the terrible kindled fire to put up his life on risk. When some persons snared inside the pub turned on the torchlights in their mobile phones, the policeman went inside in that direction. He then managed to rescue some of the unconscious persons by pulling them out on his shoulders, police said.
The mayor Mahadeshwar, while admiring Shinde’s courage, said the constable did not care for his own life while discharging his duty. According to a report in DNA, Shinde climbed up seven floors each time to bring down the bodies. Shinde pulled three victims from the rubble.
“You have shown indomitable will as well as bravery and therefore I, being the first citizen of the city, am proud of you. I along with the people of Mumbai acknowledge your heroic efforts,” Mahadeshwar said in a letter of appreciation written to Shinde.
Bollywood star actor Ritesh Deshmukh also hailed Mr. shinde’s humanity deed by a tweet along with photograph in which Mr. shinde is taking a person on shoulder. He wrote “Constable Sudarshan Shinde – saved 8 people. Extremely proud of our Mumbai police. Sudarshan Shinde I salute you,” Deshmukh tweeted.