Hardik Patel Took Jibe on Modi


For BJP Hardik Patel is the biggest challenge to overcome due to the immense support of the public in his rallies. Patidar leader emerged from the movement of Patidar reservation.
Gujrat prominent Patidar leader, Hardik Patel launched an attack on Narendra Modi on the prior evening of the poll day. As you know, Patidar leader did campaign against the BJP and supporting Congress in the Gujrat election. Due to a barrier of his age, he isn’t contesting in the election but his openly endorsing Congress in his rallies.
He took a jibe with Prime Minister and criticized him for not launching the manifesto for the Gujrat election. Early Rahul Gandhi also took the dig same and became a trending topic on Twitter. “As the development of Gujrat, the manifesto is also disappeared. Saheb (PM Modi) no one said anything please if you spin a web of lies in your our imitable style” He wrote on his official Twitter handle.

Hardik also commented on an early raised oral war on using “Neech” remark for the PM by Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar on Thursday.  Congress acted on it promptly and suspender Mr. Aiyar from the party and also sent a notice to him.
Hardik recited this matter in another tweeted and wrote “Congress party dispelled its leader for using foul language and when our PM was CM he used to say country’s daughter-in-law as a bar girl. Was that right?”

Hardik made this Gujrat battle interesting and converted almost one-sided battle to a thrilled election. He would be the major factor in the effecting the result of polls. Let’s keep figure crossed and see what would happen on 18th December.