AADHAAR Privacy Breach: A Big Story of Government Failure


AADHAR card was introduced by the UPA government in 2009 as a unique identity of a person and current ruling make AADHAR mandatory in life by so many means. Almost all government schemes have interlinked with the AADHAR card of a person to make the system more transparent by reducing corruption and hoarding. We don’t have any data on corruption and hoarding that reduced by the adaption of AADHAR in the system. But a recently published report of Global Hunger Index (GHI) cleared that we have to focus more on groundwork instead of paperwork.
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Obviously, Aadhar card accesses personal information of anyone such as mobile number, bank account number, PAN card number, address etc. According to the fundamental right ‘Right to Privacy’, it is the responsibility of the government to keep these data confidential.
But recently published a report in “The Tribune” claimed that we can access, 10 lakhs aadhar data only by paying 500 rupees for 10 minutes. Means, we can collect anyone’s personal information by just paying 500 rupees through Paytm. Even we can get a print of AADHAR card of someone just by paying just 300 rupees more.
Government always assured that all aadhar data are kept confidential but if we contemplate on this report, then this promise is also becoming a ‘Jumla’ same as all.
UIDAI accepted it as a big security breach in the reference of nation and take this matter on a serious note. Additional Director General of Chandigarh UIDAI center, Sanjay Jindal accepted this mistake and said, instead of me and Director General don’t have log-in id and password. If anyone has then it’s illegal. They forward this matter to Bengaluru based technical team.
How’s it’s all possible?
 According to the report, six months ago a Whatsapp group had made to targeting around three lakhs village level enterprise (VLE). These VLEs are appointed for making and changing in the aadhar cards. It’s supposed that around one lakhs illegal VLE people have login id and password illegally. So all security breach made with the help of these VLE.