A successful and extraordinary : The NSUI youth parliament


February 6, 2018, Sansad’18 in its second edition was far more elaborate than its previous iteration. Simulation of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha gave students a political environment where they voiced their concerns, questions and ideas, representing public’s stances that don’t reach the government regarding marital rape and previous policies in three years of NDA government. The organizing committee consisted of a majority of women depicting an increase of female participation in a national event. They worked diligently behind the scenes and ensured smooth functioning of the event.

The event saw an increased participation of women as delegates in the committees and a more female-centric issue in the Rajya Sabha as well. This brings to the forefront the growing concerns that the youth has for the welfare of the country and the ardent flame in them to improve the condition of the society we call home. Every delegate had an opinion and the conference served as a platform for them to discuss this opinion and reach a consensus to ensure the ascension of our country. The heated argument showed the passion and the vigor in their minds to create the impact our country needs.

The event successfully unfolded over forty eight hours where individuals congregated from the various corners of the nation and various prestigious institutions, undoubtedly emphasizing the fact that the conference spanned the entirety of India. The issues pertained to realistic problems with social and contemporary relevance that not only stimulate young brains towards a better understanding of national policies but also discussions that run in the veins of world’s largest democracy. The very characteristic of these debates were to enable a fruitful exchange of knowledge that pushes the boundaries of our understanding and perspective to pan our outlooks toward a brighter and more inclusive future.

The first day saw a tumultuous turnout of participants bringing forth their ideologies about the agendas. The Lok Sabha was buzzing with the healthy aggression that somehow mirrored the anger withheld by the young India. It perhaps worked as a release and the contents which spew out were volatile. It was apparent in the first few hours of the conference that the future of the nation was indeed in good hands. On the other hand, the discussion in the Rajya Sabha was no less stimulating. As the discussion was pertaining to the very serious and taboo topic of marital rape and framing or not framing a legislative framework to criminalizing it, it was bound to have many radical notions.
It was obvious after the first 24 hours itself, that the conference would be the cradle of many ideologies and indeed so, it was. The second day saw even more fervor as the delegates had come with reinforced determination to put across their voice and make their contribution in the change which would invariably come in the nation.

The conference was a great success and served as a incubator for the future office holders of the state and the centre and as a breeding ground for volatile, yet dynamic and constructive ideas. This edition of Sansad proved as another milestone into the journey of creating leaders and powerhouses who will come to lead the nation someday in a not so distant future. The event shall indeed return next year, bigger and better.