7000 Cr Fund for Statues Projects & The essential project is hampered by the budget deficit.


We aren’t against the statues and we don’t oppose it, but this kind of project doesn’t put as the primary keeping in hindsight the real issue projects like health, education and water projects
But it is the irony for the Indians because 7000 crores are spending on the statues projects in three states keeping the health projects and water projects in the ignorance.  Whether we called its chauvinism of state government or ignorance of public matters.
Let’s go through these three statue projects which are allotted in the different states:
Gujrat: 2989 crores allotted for the statue unity and for the other project government required 17620 crores loans

statue of unity

There are 2989 crores are estimated for the statue of the unity. Almost 70 percent infrastructure work has been completed, and approximately 1100 crores already spent on this and July 2018 is expected to complete this project.
For the other water project in Saurashtra is delayed due to the lake of the budget.  State Government of Gujrat sent a proposal to the central government as demanding the soft loan of 17620 crores from International agencies.
Maharashtra: 3600 Shivaji monument is constructing but many necessary projects aren’t commenced:

Shivaji monument

There are 3600 crores rupees are allotted for the monument of Shivaji in Maharashtra and its work on the progress with full enthusiasm. 15 crores 86 lakhs rupees is already spent in this project and state government has consented to give some crores every year from own budget.
But on the other hand, a policy of 200 crores for the farmer is not commenced yet. Maharashtra government promised for veterinary hospitals for the cattle but due to the lack of money, is yet to start.
Uttar Pradesh: PGI wants 473 crores for Emergency Ward but Government purposed Making Ram Statue

Bhagwan ram statue at saryu in ayuodhya

 Uttar Pradesh state government has the proposal for making the statue of Bhagwan Ram in Ayodhya. The budget is not fixed by the government. But it is estimated around 150-200 crores.
But the other side in PGI Lucknow, the emergency ward for the kidney and liver transplant isn’t started. The reason is the same as above other so-called scarcity of budget.
So it’s cleared by the above-depicted examples that current ruling states government are spending money on the statue projects. So the public will decide either they show development in the statues or in the necessary things.
Note: Our intention isn’t putting someone’s religious sentiments on the verse and report the news. We just putting forward the real public issues on the front which commenced before these statues.