BJP got “Triple Talaq” in elections: Salman Nizami


NEWDELHI DEC 13: Senior Congress leader Salman Nizami who actively campaigned in the recent assembly elections said “BJP has got “Triple” Talaq in the Polls. Nizami tweeted mocking BJP, said the recent victory in 3 states by Congeess and 2 by others is a good news as BJP now got triple Talaq’s. This is not just victory in mere elections. This is young India’s endorsement of Rahul Gandhi as their leader and his policies as the country’s future. This is a mandate for making of a new India.
He added, elections are fought by people who have ground information. Thanks Rahul Gandhi for ignoring the social media turks operating from AC cubicles and letting we ground soldiers work hand in hand with you. The results are for Everyone one to see.

In a tweet, Nizami said “The youth said it. The farmers said it. The Hindus said it. The Muslims said it. The tribals said it. The Dalits said it. Cities said it. Villages said it. MODI PACK UP.
In another tweet while targeting MIM Chief Assaduin Owaisi, Nizami said Owaisi preach your pearls to your 7 MLAs. Rahul ji is the choice of youth. And mind you of all sections. Unlike you he talks for everyone. His politics will prevail. Your communal card will fail.